Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Call 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. You can call, text or chat 24/7.

In A Crisis and Need Help?

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides free and confidential support for anyone experiencing a suicidal, mental health, and/or substance use crisis. People of all ages who need help for themselves or a loved one can call, text, or chat 24/7.


You can also reach the Horizon Health crisis line at (844) 823-4357.

Horizon Health Is A Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Mental health treatment is within your reach! A Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) is a specially-designated clinic that provides a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use services. As a CCBHC, Horizon Health will serve anyone who walks through our door, regardless of their diagnosis and insurance status.


Many people don’t seek access to mental health treatment due to lack of accessibility and affordability. At Horizon Health, we’re breaking barriers to treatment to ensure you have access to high quality mental health care so you can focus on your mental well-being.


As a CCBHC, we can ensure that everyone, even those in rural areas, has access to quality mental health care services you can depend on. Horizon Health is also here to treat any patient, regardless of their income status, insurance coverage, or ability to pay. Contact us today to learn more about same-day access to treatment, expanded medical-assisted treatment (MAT), and much more.

Learn More About CCBHC’s

Watch this video to learn all about CCHBC’s in under 2 minutes!

What Are The Benefits of a CCBHC?

Quality Reporting

Efficient Funding

Successful Coordination

How Do CCBHC’s Work?

  • Ensure access to integrated, evidence-based substance use disorder and mental health services, including 24/7 crisis response and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
  • Meet stringent criteria regarding timeline of access, quality reporting, staffing and coordination with social services, criminal justice and education systems.
  • Receive flexible funding to support the real costs of expanding services to fully meet the need for care in their communities.

CCBHCs have dramatically increased access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment, expanded capacity to address the overdose crisis and established innovative partnerships with law enforcement, schools and hospitals to improve care, reduce recidivism and prevent hospital readmissions.

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